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Download Mozilla Firefox 2014 Final Free Download

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Download Mozilla Firefox 2014 Final Free Download

Download Mozilla Firefox 2014 Final - Free Download Full Version
Mozilla Firefox is a web browser independently designed to surf the Internet quickly, and like many Internet browsers other (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari) {... } Has adopted the program Mozilla Firefox on the speed of forgiveness and quickly navigate between web pages, software Firefox offers many of user-friendly features such as: a set of extensions available for free (add-ons) that allows you to easily add the features you want and customize the browser to suit your needs, surfing easier and faster, password manager and parental controls, Firefox 2014 protects against viruses and spyware.
Download Mozilla Firefox 2014 Final Free Download

Mozilla Firefox 2014 browser is ideal for college students and other individuals who are conducting research on the Internet. Mozilla has developed virtual sticky notes, a feature unique to Firefox. You can add your own notes to specific Web pages and accessible through the toolbar. You can also access your saved bookmarks, browsing history and archiving applications pending. The feature allows you to enter directly into the sites visited frequently - I think Facebook or e-mail - the icons on the toolbar. In this way, you can be easily accessed without opening a new tab. You can also use private browsing, a feature for browsing secrecy.
Download Mozilla Firefox 2014 Final Free Download

Firefox protects against viruses, spyware, malware and pop-ups. Provides a web browser Mozilla Firefox also custom security settings. You can control the level of scrutiny placed on certain sites and customize settings for cookies, downloads, add-ons and passwords.
Firefox Download Manager is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the browser interface. Download manager gives you the ability to stop the downloads and open downloads. This function is available immediately resume even after the system is restarted.
Features Mozilla Firefox 2014
  1. The interface is simple but effective and designed to make browsing faster and easier.
  2. Browser speed and capabilities of strong security.
  3. Options to customize the search engines.
  4. A wide variety of add-ons to customize the browser to suit your needs.
  5. Browse multiple sites at once, simply and easily.
  6. Purely suggestions.
  7. Download files seamlessly and securely! Stop and resume means you can stop and start the download at any time.

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